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about moosh.

moosh. (موش) meaning little mouse in Persian. a term of endearment, often expressed by a parent to their child.

for the founders of moosh it has special and sentimental meaning, as one of the co-founder’s, her father would call her this as a child; with it comes love and admiration, a feeling of safety and of home, the word has great meaning to her and all felt it mirrored their intentions for the brand, from this the brand had a name and it was born.

moosh have created a children’s clothing brand that reflects all 3 founders values of quality, sustainability and authenticity. all pieces have been designed from a place of wanting children in good quality clothing, with items designed to last. 

as our children grow so do their personalities. moosh. encourages children to express themselves with details that they believe both children and parents will love.

passion, expression and individuality is at the heart of moosh. whatever children feel they want them to be comfortable, to be able to be free. all elements, details and colours have been meticulously designed and thought of with their own children in mind, with soft textures and interesting fabrics.

we are very honoured to have moosh stocked at the The Little People Store both in store and online.


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